Our Mission


EcoMe is a community of people coming together to undo the damage that has been done to our sensitive ecosystems in BC, healing the forests, while striking a thoughtful ecological and economic balance so future generations of animals, plants, and humans can thrive. We aim to reforest the land, protect old-growth and endangered wildlife, prevent further logging of our delicate rainforest, and nurture sustainable environments.  

How will we achieve this? With our growing community of eco-positive citizens who align with our goals of saving BC’s forests. Our eco-positive approach allows us to give back to the earth more than we extract from it. With your help and the help of our experts and partners, we can ensure healthy environments for plants, animals, and people for generations to come.   

We also aim to change the way we see our forests and bring a unique and innovative approach to the economic and ecological success of BC Forestry to the government on all levels to prevent the logging of BC’s old-growth and rainforests. We aspire to renew how we look at pre-logged land and change how we see BC for the better.  


Our journey starts with you!


Join us today by purchasing a subscription to help rebirth our forests and be a part of something you can see, touch, and take pride in. We are building our community and want YOU to be a part of it so you can take full advantage of this opportunity and get your eco-positive lifestyle started! You will not only be helping us rehabilitate our parks and forests, but you will be a part of building a new community that helps us move towards our initiative to save BC's old growth and change the way we see BC. 

Who We Are

Real people running a community-based business that puts the planet and the public first. Meet our team and get to know us better.

Our Goals


EcoMe is a long-term project broken down into stages.  

Firstly, we want to grow our presence and membership across the province. We will do this by partnering with municipalities and local businesses to get the word out there about our initiative to grow our membership.  

We want our first 1000 trees planted in cities to bring the forests to the people 

Once we have reached that milestone we will work towards receiving our first planting permit to start planting your trees on pre-logged land to rehabilitate our forests.  

Forest rehabilitation is our primary focus and what your subscriber money is funding. But that is not our only forestry initiative.  Once we have raised enough money, we intend to work with the provincial government to put protections on ALL of BC's old-growth and primary forests.  We are calling this our Ecological forestry protection plan 

While we are working on our Ecological forestry protection plan, we will be working with forestry experts to develop a tree farming plan for BC so the forestry sector can continue to thrive but not at the expense of the Old Growth and Primary forests. If we can create a cyclical forestry growth plan to make BCs forestry sector into a truly renewable sector by implementing a 100+ year growth and harvesting plan.  

This keeps our logging sector thriving and our Primary Forests protected.  

Plant New Trees

  • With your subscription, EcoMe will plant 1 – 10 trees every month in your name depending on your subscription level.  
  • These trees will be planted in municipalities, pre-logged land, and primary forests where allowed.  

Advocate For Change

Once we have met our subscriber goals and can prove the public interest in our plan, we will introduce our plans to different levels of government

  • Introduce our Old Growth and Primary Forest protection plan to Local leaders. 
  • Introduce our cyclical logging plan to the government for our economic forestry plan that protects BCs old growth. 

Ecological vs Economic Forests

Offer our subscribers two new options for subscribing

  • Ecological Subscriptions: your subscription goes to keeping Ecological forests safe and protected from logging efforts and wildfires. We will also plant new trees in these forests where required with new wildflowers and tall grass.  
  • Economic Subscriptions: These will be trees we plant in our new Economic forests, these trees will grow for their lifespan and then be a part of BCs new forestry and logging plan contributing trees to BCs economy.  

Introducing EcoMe Profile: An Innovative Way to be Eco-Positive

EcoMe Profile is our new and innovative tracking system for our subscribers that allows the user to get personalized information on their growing forests on a monthly basis. We also provide tracking data using pinned locations on our maps so they can go visit them in person and physically see the positive changes they are making to BC's damaged ecosystems. This is an exclusive feature for those that purchase a subscription, so subscribe today and start tracking your forest with EcoMe Profile.

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